Clinic Tour

Join us for a quick tour around our building! Mi casa es su casa. As long as your pet is staying with us we want you to know exactly where your pet will be staying. Check out our recently renovated Cat Room! More changes are on the way!
  1. Front Desk
    Front Desk
  2. Waiting Room
    Waiting Room
  3. Cat Food
    Cat Food
  4. Dog Food
    Dog Food
  5. Exam Room 1
    Exam Room 1
  6. Exam Room 2
    Exam Room 2
  7. Exam Room 3
    Exam Room 3
  8. Surgical Suite 1
    Surgical Suite 1
  9. Surgical Suite 2
    Surgical Suite 2
  10. Radiology
  11. Microscope
  12. Labratory
  13. Treatment Area
    Treatment Area
  14. Cat Room
    Cat Room
  15. Cat Room
    Cat Room
  16. Dog Room
    Dog Room
  17. Dog Room
    Dog Room
  18. Tub Room
    Tub Room
  19. Pharmacy