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Our Mission
Our mission is to provide compassionate care through all life stages and ensure that you and your beloved pets are treated with respect and kindness. We consider all of our clients and their pets to be part of our extended family and we are honoured to walk hand in paw with each of you as you go through life's great journey.
Spaying and Neutering
Your Pet
Spaying and neutering your pet is the best way to help them live a long and happy life! And it will make your life a whole lot easier too! Here are some facts and statistics as to why spaying and neutering your pet is the best option.

1. Female pets won't go into heat. When cats go into heat they will yowl and urinate more frequently for 4-5 days every 3 weeks. Dogs will go into heat usually twice a year for about 18 days. They will develop a blood-tinged discharge and many owners use doggy diaper to keep their house clean.

2. Males will be less likely to wander away from home. Intact male dogs will often do just about anything to find a female in heat. This includes breaking out of the house and yard which can be dangerous. Loose dogs can run into traffic and get injured very quickly.

3. By spaying and neutering your pet they are less likely to develop medical problems later in life. Intact females can develop pyometra's (pus in the uterus-which is life threatening), urinary infections, breast tumours (50% are malignant in dogs and 90% are malignant in cats). Intact males can develop testicular cancer and prostate problems.

4. One intact female dog and her offspring can produce 67 000 puppies! One intact female cat and her offsrping can produce
370 000 kittens in seven years!This is one of the main reasons that 85,000 cats and over 38,000 dogs were surrendered to shelters in 2014.  Adoption rates in 2014 were only 53% for cats and 42% for dogs. 
5. The earliest that we can spay and neuter pets is 5 months of age. All pets must have a physical exam and be vaccinated prior to their surgery.